Saturday, July 19, 2014

Pictures, Pictures everywhere!

I am a picture taker! I love documenting my life and life going on around me. Taking pictures of food, kids, workouts,moments ... it's what I do.  The one thing I have noticed about most women, they hate getting their picture taken!

"Oh I look awful right now"

"Mandie, You better of not gotten me in that shot"

"I don't even have my make up on"

I have heard these statements thousands of times. If I didn't know the answer of WHY they feel this way, I would ask. However, I think the world at large knows why some women choose not to partake in all the pictures.  I remember living in that season of life where the camera was the enemy. I would dart, dodge, climb, crawl and scale rainbows to escape that dreaded lens. I did NOT want to document, for eternity, what I looked like. The question I have never been able to answer is: Did I not want to document so others didn't remember what I looked like? Did I not want to document so I didn't remember what I looked like?  I logically know that others already saw me, they knew what I looked like. You see, I was hiding from me. I didn't want to see what others saw. I didn't want to acknowledge my lack of health. I also didn't want to be faced with emotions of shame or guilt. *sigh*

It is such a tiny instrument to allow such power over us. To allow it to give us an answer to who we are: good or bad?  The problem with allowing this instrument to dictate to us what we are is, we would never see nor believe truth if we saw it. There are some of us who have been programmed to only see the bad in ourselves. Oh sure we can try a new eye make up and think "hey my eyes look good with that color", but we don't see the over all picture as acceptable. We feel the need to hide the overall picture, so others we don't see it because regardless of what we saw, we already deemed it bad.

You see, the camera isn't our problem. What we look like isn't our problem. We have to learn to love and accept our bodies where they are. Accepting ourselves where we are doesn't mean we don't want to change ourselves... it doesn't mean just staying stagnant. It doesn't mean not going to the gym.  What it does mean is being able to look at that wonderful, beautiful woman in the picture and know that regardless of her imperfect body... she is worth love, grace, and happiness. Her beauty is worth documenting with a picture.